Luis Weinstein - Esto Ha Sido
  • Luis Weinstein - Esto Ha Sido
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ESTO HA SIDO is analog photography through and through. Its texture, altered by reflections of light, captures the radiance of those who stood before the lens for milliseconds. This story begins with a newspaper; its headlines cast a shadow on this tale. The "journal of the guerrilleros" describes one day under the military dictatorship in Chile in the 1980s. This story has been freely pieced together, built from a large folder with images that expose the subtle layers of daily life, a place where these anonymous guerrilleros roam.

Luis Weinstein was born in Santiago, Chile in 1957. In his early years as an advertising photographer for various editors and active, he became the founder of the famous Photography Festival in Valparadiso. He is the editor of one of the most important South American Photo Magazine and committed as a curator of the socio-cultural environment of his native country.




Wydawca: Verlag Kettler
230 mm x 300 mm, 44 strony, oprawa miękka
Wydanie w j. angielskim i hiszpańskim
ISBN: 978-3-86206-482-3

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