Vivian Keulards - Flaming Grace
  • Vivian Keulards - Flaming Grace
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They will likely be extinct in the next 100 years: red haired children. 

At least that rumor goes around. Multiple stories, facts and myths about red haired people are circulating the world. 

For a number of years I’m intrigued by red haired children; their beautiful pale skin, almost transparent, with clusters of freckles, their red/orange hair and their bright light eyes. I find these children breath taking and magical. For centuries they’re worldwide in the interest among writers, painters and photographers. That’s not surprising, when you consider that only two percent of the world’s population carries this unique natural hair color.

Exclusive book with fine art portraits of red headed children, photographed in the Netherlands, USA and Ireland.

Book and series Flaming Grace is big prize winner in the Moscow Photo Awards, 3x gold and 1x bronze.


Wydawca: Vivian Keulards (2016)

24,7 cm x 28,5 cm, 105 stron, oprawa twarda

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Etykiety: Vivian Keulards, Flaming Grace