Sophie Ristelhueber - WB (West Bank)
  • Sophie Ristelhueber - WB (West Bank)
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In her deceptively calm photographs of roadblocks in the West Bank, Ristelhueber creates images that quietly-but powerfully-reveal the ravages of what seems to be an unresolvable impasse.

From the artist: What am I doing on the roof of this car? Perhaps, I tell myself, 'it is sweet to see, from the safe and distant shore, others in distress amidst billows and in raging gales; not drawing delight from another's misfortune, but rejoicing over being spared such desperation?' Doubtless as an artist, I am at war, too.


Wydawca: Thames & Hudson (2005)

11 cm x 17,6 cm, 106 stron, oprawa twarda

ISBN 9780500542989

UWAGA: egzemplarz powystawowy, nosi ślady przeglądania

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Etykiety: Sophie Ristelhueber, WB, West Bank